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Neostar Preview: Pursuit of Power by Flashshadow Neostar Preview: Pursuit of Power by Flashshadow
Williams: Master Annette, how's Shonnie's training going?

Annette: Quite well, Master Williams. He has been quite diligent in mastering his new Vector powers...

Williams: Well, that's good to hear. :aww:

Annette: However, I have a few concerns... :worry:

Williams: Hmm? What do you mean?

Annette: Ever since the "Night of the Blast" incident, while he's gained phenomenal new abilities, I fear that something is negatively influencing his psyche.

Williams: Well,that's not relatively new. Shonnie has had plenty of depression spells over the years. I had thought he was making progress... :(

Annette: No, nothing like that. I'm sensing something rather dark.

Williams: Hmm? How so? :O_o:

Annette: I've noticed a growing sense of hostility and anger from him. While his training appears fruitful, I grow worried about how he intends to use his power afterwards or what will become of him later.

Williams: Shonnie has always had his demons ever since the TALON incident, years ago. But you can't possibly believe he's regressing into one of those Cyber Mutants, do you?

Annette: I cannot say for certain. But me and Baron(once he returns) will continue to watch over him. 

Williams: Thank you, Master Annette. I'm glad Shonnie still has some good friends left. It seems they have either left, disappeared, or become one with the spirit world.

Annette: I promise to do all I can for him. He has been a great friend to Baron and one of my finest pupils. I will not let you down.

Williams: Hmm. :nod: Well, I shall be off then. Thank you, again, for your time. :aww:

*As Master Williams turns to leave, he is stopped by Annette's sudden question.*

Annette: BTW, Master Williams... Have you had any luck locating Jimmy?

Williams: *heavy sigh* No, I'm afraid not... :no: And nobody else seems to know where he is. :(

Annette: Do not lose heart, Williams. I am confident that you will find your grandson again, soon.

Williams: Thank you, Annette. That means a lot. There has been enough loss in this family as it is. I'm not sure what I'd do if I lost Shonnie and Jimmy, too... :(

Annette: Master Williams... :(

Williams: Keep me posted on Shonnie's progress. I have to resume my search.

*Williams disappears in a flash, leaving Annette to continue monitoring Shonnie's meditation.*


Talk about a heavy note. This was intended to set-up the discovery of Shonnie's new powers, or rather learning to control the mental aspects of his abilities. While learning to supress the dark impulses that came with these new powers. There's also an ongoing situation where Jimmy was taken away and with Shonnie stuck training and unable to properly investigate(or attend a BBQ that took place before the story) Master Williams is searching for his missing younger grandson. 

Shonnie Flash and Master Sonny Williams (C)= :iconflashshadow:
Annette C. Splash(C)= :iconeshonen:
eshonen Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...deep... ._.
Flashshadow Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know. ^^;

It seemed like the best way to connect the upcoming sequence of events that happen with the Flash family. Shonnie, Jimmy, and Master Williams each deal with a grueling trial and adversary... :worry: 

Thankfully, none of them will necessarily be alone for this journey. ^^
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